20 Weeks Pregnancy Update

By Unknown - 7:37 PM

Holy cow!
We are halfway there!
I cannot believe it. Sometimes I'm still astonished when look down at my growing little bump, and the whole thing feels so surreal.
I'm dying to buy little boy clothes, nursery decorations, and baby stuff! But I must wait and must repeats *patience is a virtue* over and over again.
On the other news, the little movements keep getting stronger and stronger and more frequent.
Now that my appetites back, the bump is making more and more of an appearance.

Baby’s weight: 10 ounces

Baby’s size: 6 1/2 inches; a small cantaloupe

Baby’s development: limbs continue to explore & develop by curling, flexing, and kicking- hence the little movements I've been feeling. Hair, nails, and eyebrows continue to sprout.

Food cravings: dim sum + wings!

Weight gained: 9 pounds

Feeling: excited, finally my bump is actually looking more like a bump!

Exercise: cardio via 40 minutes on elliptical x 3day/week & hiking

Random changes: get agitated easily and the mood swing is still up and down.

Details from picture above: Blue Long-Sleeve Painter T-Shirt: J.Crew || Wunder Under Pants: Lululemon || Nike Shoes

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