Happy New Year

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I want to pour my feelings and memories into the screen, tie them with a bow and leave them for a few years so I can look back and remember how I felt. Like this post here I wrote a year ago.

But I can't quite find the right words to sum up 2014.

Until I came across Into Mind's post which helped me reflect, appreciate and get fired up for 2015.

This past year was a whirlwind filled with a lot of growth, both professionally and personally, for me.

I learned what I am capable of achieving once I've set my mind to it. I still am learning to be more spontaneous, taking chances, saying "yes" to things I've never done before and pushing myself out of the comfort zone. But I won't bored you with the tedious details. Through and through, 2014 was very good to me. New opportunities, new job, and newly engaged (since Feb).

Mostly though I'm grateful for my mister aka my fiancé. If you missed the proposal, you can read it here. He has spurred me on, encouraged me and given me the confidence to finally feel utterly comfortable in my own skin. And I am far from perfect. I am deeply touched and grateful to have my friends (old and new) by my side and those who chose to spend their precious time with me. As Colin Wright have put it: "You have exactly one life in which to do everything you’ll ever do. Act accordingly."

 Maybe that's going to be a part of my new year resolutions: live accordingly.

 But before that, I thought I’d share a few photos I took around NYE a couple of weeks ago!

Vy Lieu New Year Eve 2015
The Zavala family & Bobby invited the mister and I to the NYE party to rings in the New Year together. With the promise of Tony's midnight lasagna - I'm sold!

Vy Lieu New Year Eve 2015

Arriving the Zavala, we were greeted with hugs and treated to a few glasses of bubbly and snacks to get started.

The Tasteful Me New Year Eve 2015

The Tasteful Me New Year Eve 2015

You've got to keep hydrated and your strength up when you won't be eating again until next year, after all!

The Tasteful Me New Year Eve 2015

The Tasteful Me New Year Eve 2015

The Tasteful Me New Year Eve 2015

Meet the host & hostess.
the Zavala 2015

The MC and co-host/hostess.

the Zavala 2015

the Zavala 2015

Meet the party animals ;)
Don't let this snap fools you.
The Zavala's were the life of the party.
the Zavala 2015

And these new friendly faces.

The night was filled with games planned by Bobby & Suzy.
And a whole lot of laughter, talking and dancing.

And a bar full of liquid to keep us hydrated for the new year.

Napo showed us how to welcome the new year the right way.

And the unveiling of Club Z to welcome 2015 with a bang.

Then Bobby announced another group of winners to line up for their price.
And I was one of them!

The night goes on awaiting the final countdowns.

Just like that, the new year started with amazing company, delicious food, and new memories.
And I might or might not have crawled to bed in the guest bedroom before the mister called for an uber to carry us home.

Cheers to another year with endless laughter, happiness, love and new unforgettable memories!

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