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As much as I love bundled up underneath cozy & warm coat with layers of clothing...I am quite desperate for Spring to arrive.

December was exciting, the build up to Christmas & NYE was all fine and dandy. There was shopping & gifts wrapping to be done, dinner parties to look forward to and above all there were fairy, glistening lights everywhere.

And January passed by with a sort of grey haze with a lot of hibernation & few outings now and then.

Even now in February we're still in a foggy mist with the ever-changing weather in Austin. But I'm much more optimistic about this little month.

Valentine's Day is approaching.
It's the last few weeks before we can all finally start hoping for, thinking & talking about Spring!

Before I dive head-first into all the delicate, petal hued and pastel colored Springtime fashions, I'm keeping warm under thick wool coat & black leggings.

Here's another December album I almost forgot about.

The Holiday Downtown Stroll is a yearly event in Austin with featured activities & offers from shops, restaurants, galleries & museums. And performances of local musicians on the Congress Ave. It celebrates the arrival of the holiday season and the joy its bring. There's also the Sing-Along and the lightning of the Capitol tree - which I was happy to skipped out for I'm not much of a singer nor do I want to spend an extra hour or two in the freezing cold weather.

The highlight of this particular Downtown Stroll is an aerial dance performance by Blue Lapis Light at 816 Congress Ave, "Lover's Prayer". I've seen their beautifully graceful performance a year before at the Long Center & was looking forward to see them again. I was very apprehensive & doubtful they would perform that night because I, myself almost didn't want to step outside into the 28°F, which felt like 14°F, let alone the idea of dancers gliding gracefully up in the air on a building. If you've been to Austin, Texas you'd know that kind of number is not typical & us Texans are not used to the cold.

But there they are...dancing elegantly & beautifully.
It was a delightfully exquisite performance.
The crowd & I were very pleased.
It was definitely worth standing or sitting in the numbingly frosty weather.

Having watched a magnificent show, Chris & I let our feet carried us down the street and we popped our heads in & out of shops along the way with a cup of hot chocolate in hand.

And I made a new little friend, she was very amused by this toy.

On the other hand, I was very much engrossed with these bike animals outside.

And finally, our feet led us to the Capitol where the tree was lit.

After being nearly frozen from the cold, I was happily to step inside any building for warmth.
But this particular one caught my eyes...

On the first level is a little shop filled with arts, jewelries & products from local artists.

Upstairs is a museum displaying the history of the original family of Swedish immigrant Charles Lundberg, who owned the building & opened Austin's very first bakery in town back in 1876. It remained as a bakery until 1936 and it remains open after that for a variety of purposes.

We also participated in the gingerbread cookie decoration.
Well, not so much for Chris...he bit off his snowman before it had a chance to be bejeweled with sprinkles and icing.

Then we headed back out into the cold on our way home.
But these ballerinas behind the glass window of The Contemporary Austin museum caught our eyes.

And we poke our head in for a short while.

Played with some innovative arts & went upstairs and observed the masterpiece by an artist from New York - who burned these bridges & shipped it here.

Quite frankly, I don't get it!

And we enjoyed a couple performances by students of the Austin School of Performing & Visual Arts.

Then we called it a night & stumbled on home through the cold and fumbled into the big nice welcoming warm bed.

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