Dallas Uptown Girls

By Unknown - 10:58 PM

When I left you last, we were downtown Dallas exploring Deep Ellum.
After some more walking & shopping at North Park Mall and getting bubble tea we headed home for a nap before getting dolled up for Jen's Birthday Celebration Part II.
Our beauty rest went on longer than we had anticipated it.
We freshen up, brushed on makeups & threw on little dresses & dashed out the door for a quick bite.

Say hello to the lovely, sassy & beautiful birthday girl Jen.

And the sweet & gorgeous Annie.

In this age it's almost rare to catch a girl without her phone.
We are so attach to our little device more than we'd like to admit.
But once the food arrived...it's a different story.

A couple skewers of Sunagimo (chicken gizzard) & Hatsu (chicken heart) and sea bass for appetizer along with sweet potato tempuras.

 And New Zealand, Sun Rise & Summer  rolls.

Having finished the fastest dinner we've ever had Annie, Jen & I ended up with a little time to spare.
What's a better way to kill some time than to  snap a few photos at Klyde Warren Park & play tourists at Rosewood Crescent Court in Uptown?

Rosewood Crescent Court is chock full of gorgeous little boutiques.
Too bad everything was closed.
I would love to visit again during normal hours.

Finally we proceeded to the venue Sisu Uptown, where the official celebration of Jen's birthday began.

There was a lot of sparklers waving, bottles popping, drinking & dancing through out the night.

The night flew by and it was closing time.

But the night was still young.
And the celebration continued on at a karaoke bar.

I've always love & admire Jen's singing talent.
She is absolutely amazing & sing beautiful melodies to the ears.

And Randy has quite a voice himself.

Reluctantly we gave in & called it a night in the early dawn.

It was a successful birthday celebration.
Good night, y'all.

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