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Monkey King Noodle Co is just a hop skip & a jump (and 30 mins drive) away from Carrollton. Jen informed Annie & me that it offers spicy beef soup with fresh, handmade Chinese noodle & soup dumplings. I was sold. So we hopped, skipped & jumped over to Deep Ellum for an afternoon.

Recently revived, Deep Ellum is an artsy, non-pretentious & walkable area in downtown Dallas filled with local pop-ups, mom n' pop shops, local businesses and hole-in-the-wall restaurants.  Today Jen got to play a Dallasite tour guide as she showed us around her pretty, sunkissed city.

There will be more of these photos later.
First thing first, ppicy beef noodles soup & soup dumplings .

MKNC locates near the intersect of Main & Hall St.

Luckily, we came at the right time & joined in the short queue before it became a line winding down the blocks.

This takeout spot - with a couple patio tables & chairs on the front sidewalk (and on the rooftop patio) - offers a limited chalkboard menu of soups & dumplings.

Like everyone we queued up to window & place our orders

While waiting patiently for our orders, we pulled up chairs to the patio table & sipped on our free cuppa hot tea.

And Annie popped out from the rooftop & waved down to us.

I strained to peer in the window where the fresh noodles were in the making.
The hand-pulled Chinese noodle is called La Mian.
It's a simple, exquisite yet painstakingly lengthy process where the noodle maker stretches, twists & hand-pulls umpteenth time to make beautiful long thin noodles for variety of dishes.
From the look of it I can already tell it's going to be a gooooooood lunch.

Minutes later we picked up our food from the same window we ordered earlier.

And we clambered up a tight, circular staircase to get to the rooftop patio which filled with red & white patio furniture under a shade cloth overhead lending some relief from the bright afternoon sun & sat down at a picnic table.

For a lighter snack to pair with all the carbs, these aromatic cucumber salad was exhilarating.
Big chunks of cucumber are lavished with scallions, cilantro, garlic & more red chile oil in a rice-vinegar dressing.

The dumplings are also freshly made with Monkey King's own dumpling wrappers.
And the tender soup dumplings were quite delightful.
They are mouth-filling packets release a burst of pork-based  broth & bits as you bite into them.
And the steamed, pork-filled dumplings were quite delicious drizzled with a spicy, sweet & sour sauce.

There are many ways to eat dumplings & no particular ones is the right way.
The fun way is dip the dumpling in the sauce & plop the whole thing in your mouth.
Annie will show you how it's done.

Despite the chilly weather (made the food cold) & its to-go-ware packaging...this is one of the best spicy beef noodle soup I've ever had.
And it is not for the garlic phobic.

It is rich, generously seasoned garlic & peanut noodles echo the spicy heat.
The dark, beefy broth with red chili oil & peppercorns and traces of star anise leaves a halo of spicy heat around your lips.
The noodles - springy, stretchy & cooked al dente - were excellent.

No shame.
I slurped it all down.
It was too good to let the broth goes to waste.

A & J would agreed with me if they weren't busy doing the same thing.

Of course, washed all down with another cuppa hot tea.

Having finished our fair share of carbs we scrambled down the frightful staircase to make our exit.

As promised, we went back to the stainless-steel chick sculptures.

That's all for now.
More adventures next time.

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