Burgers War

By Unknown - 9:23 PM

There's quite a number of burger joints in Austin. Some are locally owned and many others are originated from elsewhere.

The famous In-N-Out Burger from Los Angeles has made its way here.
Literally every meat-loving person I've spoken to raved about it & has recommended it.

On the other, I've heard great things about Five Guys (originated from Washington, DC) as well.

So in the interest of gluttony I thought I'd give both a go.
Let them battle it out and see who ends up on top.

First up, In-N-Out.

I'd been wanting to try one of these "animal-style" fries & "double double" burger orders I'd heard so much about. I'd hear Alison's voice saying you must try it!

They have these burger joints all over LA and when I saw one opened in town on Airport & IH35, I was anxious with excitement.

Last week, we stopped by, placed our order & took a seat.
It took quite a good while for them to knock up our burgers & fries. I figured it must be worth the wait.

When our number was called I was very eager to get my hands on the goodies.

To my dismay I was a little disappointed.
The shake was mediocre, nothing spectacular.
The burgers were decent...but a bit dull & unappealing to begin with.

The fries were considerably less exciting than I had hoped.
I had imagined the molten cheese to be a bit more cheesy & oozingly appealing but it ended up just being a cold layer on top of very stale fries.

The burger livened up a bit once you bite into it & got to the cheesy, gooey & juicy goodness.

Oh, have you seen my new hat?

All in all, In N Out was not quite what I'd expected & hoped for.
To be honest, it is not much better than McDonalds.
And my stomach didn't feel so good afterwards.

Next up for battle: Five Guys.

We queued up, placed our orders & took a seat.

We helped ourselves to a small boat of complimentary peanuts while we waited.

Within 5 minutes, our number was called & our orders arrived in the good ol' brown bag.
Did you know, all fries are cooked fresh to order in peanut oil?!

And the potatoes of the day were from:

For the burgers you get the choice between single or double patty.
To make it a light lunch, we opted for the single patty burger.
I went for the bacon burger.
Chris opted the cheese burger
In addition, you can choose as many toppings you want or none.
Lettuce. Tomato. Grilled Onions. Grilled mushrooms. Cheese. Pickles. Jalapenos & many sauces.
Which was exactly what I got on my burger minus Jalapenos and no sauce.

And Chris added almost nothing to his burger.

Don't let its look fools you.

Taste wise, definitely better than what I had at In N Out.
And my stomach felt fine remainder of the day!

The fries were way better than I anticipated.
Could be a tad bit more crispy but the inside was cook perfectly!
I devoured 'em fries, do you blame me?
Just look at 'em. Begging to be eaten!

Lets be honest, Five Guys &  In N Out are pretty similar but it's clear who the winner is.

And in the grand scheme of burgers, neither one of the two places above will ever beat Hopdoddy. It is still the #1 burger joint in my book & the rest has a lot to learn from this bomb dot com burgers bar.

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