A Ride Around Barcelona

By Unknown - 8:55 PM

After our enormous brunch we took ourselves for a very, very long ride.

I promise to treat you with some gelato at the end.

It was another perfectly crisp, beautiful sunny day.

We rode through the streets of Barcelona, dipped into squares, through alleys & avenues, just soaking it all in before saying goodbye, Barcelona.

I want to share with you a secret. I don't know how to ride a bicycle...until this day.
This was my first time riding a bicycle. I practiced a few rounds before hitting the bustling streets of Barcelona.

Chris took off & I trailed behind and before I knew it he had led us to the beautiful golden sand beach.

After a short ride along the beach we relaxed at one of the many beach bars with a cup of hot coffee for Chris & a cold glass of pina colada for me & dazed off in the sound of cerulean waves of water crashing onto the sand.

We enjoyed the live music as we watched the locals playing beach volleyball.

Before heading off on our travels once more.

Here's a rainbow amiss the overcast sky.

How about a cone of dried meat?

And some gelato?

Yes, please.
Don't mind if I do.

Well I hope you've enjoyed yourself on this ride, because those photos were the last of Barcelona.
I spent the last night in Barcelona sleeping way too early because I was feeling under the weather.
But, I promise I will make it up in Florence.

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