Château de Versailles - Part 1

By Unknown - 10:50 PM

We woke up hungry & ready to roam. In need of liquid & carbs we walked just around the corner to a bakery & picked up some goodies. We gorged ourselves on delicious quiches, muffins, bread rolls, orange juice & we got down to the roaming.

The world-famous Château de Versailles is only a short train ride away from the French capital...but it is entirely a whole other world. Allow me to show you around...

The château itself is breathtakingly monumental & grandeur with its splendid soaring architecture & endless
acres of manicured landscapes. The gardens are filled with mishmash of colorful-medley wild flowers & laced with landscaped paths.

The Hall of Mirrors (or La Grande Galerie as it was called in the 17th century) served daily as a passageway, a waiting & meeting place frequented by courtiers and the visiting public.

From the window of the Hall of Mirrors you can look down on the grand perspective that leads the gaze from the Water Parterre to the horizon.

Water is present everywhere you turn in the gardens -- makes the whole place seem even more fairy tale, picturesque & dreamlike world. The use of water reflects the vast expanse of sky above & make you feel as though you could be floating in clouds.

As usual I took a lot of photos & I'd love to share more with you but I'm ending this post here before your internet start buffering or stop loading altogether.

Versailles Part II - to be continued...

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