Moulin Rouge - Paris, France

By Unknown - 10:10 PM

Having walked for six long hours touring Chateau de Versailles (which was magical!) we were happy to get back to the hotel for a long shower & a short nap before we got ready & headed out to watch a show at the risque world-famous cabaret, Moulin Rouge.

It was a spectacular evening to say the least.

Under the 19th-century windmill, the atmosphere of this Parisian icon was electric & befitting of the Moulin Rouge. Despite its small venue, it was very well organized. Each group was directed straight to their table (which is shared with other people). Everyone is jammed in for the next 2 hours with a bottle of champagne or for some groups - 4 or 5 bottles.

Unfortunately, no photos were allowed once inside...and being a little rebel I am, I snuck in a couple photos.

We sipped on champagne & watch the theater filled with more & more spectators...the place was bustling with laughter & conversation & more bottle popping.

Shortly after everyone nestled down at their table, the light dimmed out & the show started.

From the minute the music started until the show ended I was completely mesmerized. The female dancers were regimented & naturally beautiful & the male dancers were athletic & strong. The show was visually stupendous. The costumes were beautiful & decadent, the sets well done & vibrantly colorful, and the intermission acts were surprisingly good & delightfully entertaining.

Before we knew it, two hours passed by & the show came to an end. I wish I have some photos of the show itself for your viewing pleasure but I couldn't snap any more photos after being told a couple time "no photos...after the show."

After the show ended, we lingered & sipped on some more champagne as we watched the theater emptied is quite impressive how quickly the staff get everyone IN & OUT with ease in such a short amount of time.

If you ever in Paris, for a spectacular evening book reservation at Moulin Rouge - it is a show that everyone must see at least once in their lifetime!

Oh! Don't forget to grab a crepe on the way to the show!

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