Swan Oyster Depot - San Francisco, CA

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The excitement is finally kicking in. I'm leaving on Monday to Europe for two weeks.
I thought I should do a few posts of my previous traveling for you to peruse.
To start off, I want to show you my favorite restaurant in San Francisco. (I visited Cali in Feb.)
It's deliciously unpretentious, locals favorite, unique & serves mind blowing seafood.

It's called Swan Oyster Depot locates smack in the middle of Nob Hill neighborhood (San Francisco, CA.) & runs by the ever-so-charming Sancimino brothers, whose family has run the place since 1946. (It first opens in 1912 & the Sancimino bought it later.)
It's a sweet little fish monger, selling the freshest catch & an effortlessly neat little restaurant with the most friendly servers and freshest seafood. The decor is priceless -- the place is filled with sports memorabilia, seafood posters, a hand-painted menu tacked to the wall...This 15-seat counter just might be my very favorite restaurant ever.

From the minute it opens (10AM) to the minute it closes, there's a line.
Luckily, we showed up right on time (10:30am) & missed the queue -- actually we were the started of the line. As soon as we snuggled down at the counter, the line wrapped around the corner a block away. Even if you have to queue up, it's totally worth it especially for Swan's cracked Dungeness crab & clam chowder.

Trust me when I say, this is the best clam chowder you will ever eat.
It's the clammiest, richest chowder I've ever tasted!
Soaking it all up with sourdough bread was a cherry on top.

The crab salad is just as delicious!
Chunks of crab & tons of small prawns.
Refreshing. Crabby. Mouthwatering.

And the oysters were just as fresh & appetizing.

Swan is proof that honesty, passion & hospitality will bring you longevity & fans.
It's a kind of mom&pop restaurant that makes you ask, "Why aren't there more places like this?"
If you're ever visit San Fran, you must pencil this place in your MUST to do list.
You will not be disappointed, I guarantee it!
If you go & like it, make sure you tell your friends. It's important to support family run places like this & your friends will love your for it.

Swan Oyster Depot
1517 Polk St.
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 673 - 2757

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