Ranch 616

By Unknown - 6:48 PM

No scrubs. No gym clothes.
No cooking. No cleaning.
I love date night.

Comfort food.
Mexican fare.
Southwestern deliciousness.
All rolled in one great restaurant that has been serving great Texas cooking in Austin for about 16 years.
How is it that I only now found out about this place?!
Originally, Chris & I were heading to Arro for dinner but the wait was over an hour...typical Saturday night.
I was starving & didn't want to wait so we left and ended up at Ranch 616, literally two blocks away.
At first, I was little struck by the dichotomy & eclectic of the decor but it grew on me...quite uniquely charming.

The place reminds me of those little cinder-block shacks that dot the highways around small towns and known for reliably cold beers and short but punchy menus featuring hearty food that will sober up the drunkest of the town drunks. The atmosphere is colorful & lively and the food & drinks are absolutely perfect. 

It was bustling & jam-packed. The space is small & cozy but everyone was happily nestled together but enjoying the company of their own party. There was no table nor waiting list available for the night except for the bar. First come, first serve. Luckily, we managed to snatch two empty seats at the end of the bar. We plopped ourselves in the seat quickly & place our drink orders.

If you haven't already picked up but it's not the bread & butter kinda place.
It's even better than that.
It's Jalapenos Butter Crescent Rolls & honey kinda place. 
They were marvelous! Super good pop-in-your-mouth-I-want-more kind of appetizer.
Even better, they were great with our luscious, frosty margaritas & Mexican martini.
Definitely my kind of place.

Having nibbled on our tasty "bread&butter" we were ready to order.
Chris opted for the "Divorced Trout" - Rainbow Trout filets (one grilled & one fried) served with Spanish rice & sauteed vegetables & tortillas strips and Ranchero & Tomatillo sauce on the side.
Funny name but the food was bursting full of flavors & scrumptiously good!

And me, on the other hand, I wanted everything on the menu.
I opted for three appetizers as my entree.
The bartender was super nice & had them serve on a big platter.
Chilli Lime Grilled Prawns.
Buttermilk Battered Calamari.
Crispy Oysters.
They were the best seafood combo I've ever had.
The five chilli lime grilled tiger shrimps were lip-smacking!
Oh, the calamari were the freshest here in Austin! Non-greasy, very flavorful & perfect texture.
And the crispy oysters were fantastic ever, buttery soft & perfectly deep fried & not greasy whatsoever!

Their portion size is no joke. The photos aren't doing it any justice.
I could have shared Chris' dinner entree & we both would be full.
But my appetizers were oh, so good! I wolfed 'em all down.
I was very stuffed - to say the least.
We opted out on the dessert.
Instead, we got the Fire in the Hole -- courtesy of the bartender.

Why not? The night is young & so are we & this donkey.

Ranch 616 - a must place to visit if you haven't.
They're on the corner of Nueces & 7th St.
616 Nueces St.
Austin, TX 78701
If you're going with a big party, book your reservation here.

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