Korea House

By Unknown - 11:09 PM

Something are forever associated together, making them almost a perfect couple.
Peanut butter & jelly.
Salt & pepper.
New York City & yellow cabs.
Empire State building & Liberty Statue.
Paris & Eiffel tower.
And summertime & BBQ.
The simplicity of a BBQ meal belies its tastefulness. It's a wholesome meal that involves fresh food, little processing & little time. It leaves more time to engage in a good conversation or two, or simply enjoy good company. And my favorite is Korean BBQ, a popular dish that is enjoyed not just in the summertime but year-round. At any Korean restaurant, you'll find Korean BBQ can be ready on a grill built into the table. or a portable grill.

There aren't many Korean restaurants in Austin and that's perfectly fine with me because all I need is one really, really good one - Korea House. This place has been around forever. I was first introduced to this little Korean BBQ heaven in college and it has became my go-to spot since.

Don't let its appearance fools you.
This hidden gem has the best Korean BBQ in town.
Literally, it is hidden in a shopping/business center locates on Anderson Lane.

Along with many banchan (Korean side dishes) and two orders of bulgogi & galbi are plenty to get both us stuffed & satisfied.

Anyone can be the chef & no one is relegated to some corner to cook by themselves. It's a collective effort & the rewards are enjoyed together -- my favorite part!

All washed down with Asahi - Super Dry.

I must warn you, mind the BBQ perfume you'll be wearing afterwards.
But it's a delightful convivial meal shared with friends.
There my be some anxiety about overcooking, or even burning the meat, but that stress will quickly be relieved, peals of laughter will ensue as well as many great conversations. A perfect evening.
Give it a go.

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