Two Weeks Europe, One Carry-On

By Unknown - 11:41 PM

I am definitely not an expert at packing whatsoever.

I like to have many, many options when it comes to clothing (& traveling) which puts me in the category of the over-packer.
For my upcoming trip (t-minus 1.5 days) two weeks in Europe -- I made a promise to Chris, I will only take a carry-on and a travel tote. No pesky baggage fees. No dreading of the lost baggage situation. No dealing with Europe airlines & their strict/limited baggage rule. No hassles period.
Despite the relevant reasoning, if you're anything like can relate to this silly dilemma, right? 
As you can imagine, how does an over-packer pack for her first Europe trip for two weeks with ONLY a 22" x 14" x 9" (56 x 35 x 23 cm) carry-on?
You betcha I went to the trusty internet & Google for help & tips.

There is a plethora of blogs & videos on how to pack efficiently & etc.
The most important thing I learned is tightly roll everything
I mean, everything. Rolling takes up less space than folding and minimizes wrinkling.
And packing cubes or space bags definitely help out a lot.

From the first pile up top, laying out what I think I want to wear for the trip (I'm a little ambitious, can't you tell?)...after hours of trying on & pairing different outfits I managed to eliminated about half of the clothing. It is still a lot of clothes, I know! And I did my best.
Believe it or not, to my surprise they all fit into my carry-on!!!

Usually, I would opted for a maxi dress as my airport outfit. This time around, I'm going with a pair of black skinny + chunky sweater + leather jacket + scarf & booties. Super comfy & will definitely keeps me warm - I tend to get cold really easy.

If you're curious, here are the clothing I packed.
Along with 3 t-shirts & tank tops that are not shown.
3 Jackets: leather + dressy + jean
1 faux fur sleeveless vest

4 blouses + 3 sleeveless

1 chunky knit sweater + 1 chambray shirt

1 midi dress + 4 cocktail dresses + 3 casual dresses

3 skirts

And more long sleeves.

Definitely over packed but I can't have it any other way ;)
Remember, next time you pack for a trip tightly roll everything!!!
It will save you tons of space, trust me.

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