Summer Night Picnic

By Unknown - 10:29 PM

I can officially say that "I went to Blues on the Green."
The fact that I didn't watch a performance or know anything about the line up of artists is neither here nor there.
Technically I was at the concert, and that's all that matters.
On Wednesday Chris & I slipped into our lightest, breathable clothing, fastened on our walking shoes, grabbed our picnic basket & headed over to Zilker Park.

Along the way, we stopped & watched a water polo game & enjoyed some artwork.

Now, we didn't intend to miss the actual concert.
Having arrived much later than we anticipated -- the areas surrounding the stage were absolutely swarmed with people lounging & sprawling out on the cool grass & enjoying the live music. We decided to camp ourselves at the back of the park & feast.

I know you want a few foodie closeups & details so here you go...
The main dish, Grilled Buttermilk Chicken.

If you fancy some delicious, moist & flavorful drumsticks, here's what you do:
Marinate chicken drumsticks overnight in buttermilk & chopped shallots & garlic with a sprinkling of salt & pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika & ground cumin.
Grill 'em for 20 mins over medium heat til they're golden & skin nicely charred.
Transfer to a take-away container & cool before closing the lid.

We drank our fresh Raspberry Fizz cocktails right out of the mason jars.
They were utterly delicious & refreshing.
I will share the recipe, I promise.

I cheated with the fruits & just bought a watermelon & sliced into wedges.

For sweet we shared a handful of Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies* while the last performance entertained us & couples cuddled up nearby.

*I will share the details of how to make 'em, I promise. Keep a look out for the new recipe blog post.

Once the music died out & the bright lights were lit it wasn't long until the park started to empty and the cleaning crew rushed in so we surrendered to the night and slowly wandered home.

A dreamy mid-week treat.
If you can, grab your picnic date & get out there!
The summer won't last forever....

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