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Something about the morning sunshine, awesome food and delicious champagne concoctions make brunch the epitome of spring and summer.
If you know me, you know one of my favorite things about weekends is enjoying a nice relaxing brunch.
For those who could care less about having an extra meal between breakfast and lunch, you're missing out! If you’re a brunch lover like me brunch is sort of a staple – unsurprising given most of my favorite things in life center around food and eating.
There are so many restaurants in Austin offering some pretty fabulous brunches.
A couple weekends ago, Chris & I stopped by Searsucker in the Warehouse District.
This place has been on my list since we went with friends to the grand opening a few months back.

The ambiance is energetic & hip fill with a rustic modern aesthetic & sophisticated casual decor.
It's certainly trendy but also very charming.
And the rustic sofas along the wall are awfully comfortable.

I think it might be one of my new favorite brunch spots.
Their brunch menu is full of classic, cool & zesty dishes and new favorites perfect for the always sunny & bright Austin weekends.

Their Bloody Mary is not bad but not exactly the best either -- a little too much pepper for my taste.
The complimentary cheese puffers were quite marvelous. (sorry, no photo)

I went for their Eggs Benedict version called "bennysadick" with crab meat, avocado & hash browns.

Just looking at it now makes my mouth water.

With one poke the poached-egg bursts with goodness oozing all over.
It was delicious to say the least.

Chris opted for their nestled green eggs & ham with pork belly, brioche & herbs.

The succulent pork belly is covered with an over easy egg filled with yummy yolk.
It's topped with a delicious green herb sauce.
Underneath all the decadent goodness is a light brioche to balance each bite.
It's rich.
It's super juicy.
It's luscious.

Having had a small bite for breakfast prior coming to Searsucker we had no room for sweets.
No worries, definitely coming back here for their dinner service.
Care for a few good bites?
You'll find them here.

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