Happy Independence Day, America!

By Unknown - 11:05 AM

The 4th of July is America's most boisterous holiday!
It has it all... hanging out poolside with tons of booze, chattering and laughing away, grilling tasty treats AND watching the magnificent FIREWORKS.
And, the weather was just perfect for the all day celebration.

By 11AM, beach towels and coolers (filled with yummy alcoholic beverages) were out by the pool claiming lounge chairs and spots for their owners.

As soon as the sun made it way around the building and rays of sunshine showed themselves the pool was bustling with visitors. The ambiance reminded me of Vegas...lively crowds with drinks in their hands soaking up the sun while keeping themselves cool in the almost 100F weather.

For lunch, CP grilled the "4th of July specials" all natural, all beef hotdogs purchased from a local shop on the East side of town named Salt & Time. The specials included a package of baked hotdog buns and 8oz. containers of their housemade mustard and ketchup.

 And I made greens with fresh strawberries, walnuts, and balsamic vinaigrette -- my go to salad.

The afternoon flew by with people conversing and laughing with friends and friendly strangers.
Jello shots were passed around. The Mexican Tres Leches jello shot was deliciously good! (must find recipe!)

Isn't her ink awesome or what?
Recently, I discovered I have a thing for peacocks! They are such beautiful creatures with their gorgeous tails! She kindly allowed me to snap a photo of her lovely tattoo.

When the sun finally gives in to the night, the anxious crowd waited patiently for the fireworks.
Every year the Austin Symphony puts together a spectacular concert and fireworks at Auditorium Shores where more than 100,000 people gather for the largest Independence Day celebration in Austin.
Lucky for us the pool deck faces directly at Lady Bird Lake where the fireworks take place.
We have the perfect view of the fireworks as though it was meant for our viewing pleasure.

The celebration, however, does not end there as we continued to drink and share stories well into the night.
Until next year 'merica, Happy Independence Day!

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