Green Pastures

By Unknown - 10:51 PM

After the exciting events of the all-day celebration of 4th of July, a relaxing day was necessary.
But what fun would it be if you're not surrounded by good friends?
I woke up early, squeezed in a morning workout, and freshened up before heading off to meet everyone for lunch at Green Pastures in the neighborhood of Bouldin Creek.
Upon arrival at the 1894 Bouldin Creek estate, the magnificent historic Victorian home took my breath away. I stood there for a short while to take it all in before I took a little stroll to admire its beauty & the gorgeous peacocks.

Green Pastures is the most charming-lovely-sublime-gorgeous restaurant in town.
As a matter of fact, it is one of the "Most Beautiful Restaurants In 13 Big Cities Around America".

It wasn't long before my exploration came to a halt as everyone started showing up.
We were shown to our table, which was located in the private dining attached to a gigantic back porch - facing out to this glorious lawn with a white gazebo.

Having our fill of catching up and nibbling on bread & butter, we proceeded to order our lunch.
Each entree was accompanied by the house salad.

Quite frankly, I was unsatisfied with the food and quality of Green Pastures.
I have heard nothing but amazing reviews of this restaurant.
I was very much looking forward to trying it out and seeing for myself what all the raving was about.
However, to my dismay the food and presentation was ordinary, mediocre at best.
Some might beg to differ but I was not impressed.
I had the Duck Confit with Candied Kumquats, five spice roasted mushrooms, rhubarb chutney, and spinach fritata.
CP went for the Brown Butter Gnocchi with Viognier, mushrooms, root vegetables, roasted broccoli, garlic and Parmesan.
Here's the photos anyway:

KP and GW each got Saloon Style Flat Iron Steak

KL got Lobster Caesar Salad 

HW got Grilled Chicken Porcini

BG + K&TG each got Seafood Crepes with Herb Saint Arugula 

Brown Butter Gnocchi

Duck Confit

Despite the unappealing, decent food, it was such a nice get together!
And sadly lunch came to an end.
[It will also be the last time I'm having lunch here...Maybe I'll give Green Pastures another chance for dinner or their praised buffet brunch.]
We hugged, bid our "see you later", and one after another made their exit but we stayed behind to hang out with the precious peacocks.

Wanting to see the peacocks fan their lavish tails, I trailed after them across the lawn under the scorching sun for a long while...but no luck.
It was when I found out that the peacocks mating season has passed, only then I decided it was time to go home. Otherwise, I would have endured the heat and stayed until I got to see one of these beautiful creatures spread their glorious tails!
For this sole reason, during the mating season I will return to Green Pastures.

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