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Been wondering where I've been hiding?

Let me start by sharing some news with you.
By May 2016, Chris & I will be welcoming the new addition of our precious baby boy!

I don't even know where to begin. It has been an emotional roller coaster ride to say the least.
It started out with a beaming smile on my face when I saw the plus sign on the stick.
Then all the other emotions rolled in. nervous. scared. worried. frightened. and the list goes on.
I couldn't utter a word to Chris. But he knew as tears continue to fall down my cheeks.
The news seemed so surreal then. Almost unfeasible to wrap our mind around. And four weeks passed by like nothing has happened.
Then we meet our magical little bean with tiny little white specs fluttering on the ultrasound screen at our first visit with my OB. It was then the reality kicks in.
The look on Chris' face was priceless. Eyes wide open filled with twinkles and amazement.

Looking back now the first trimester went by in the blink of an eye. I sure don't miss any bit of it.
But during the last 9 or 10 weeks of it I was miserable.
Not vomiting kind of misery.
I didn't have any kind of energy, always tired, constantly hibernating and snoozing away on the couch, the bed, or anywhere really. I was easily annoyed. cranky. and hangry most of the time. And the nausea was not fun either.
Now that I am at week 15 going on 16, slowly getting back to my normal self, and bursting with energy - I'm picking up where I left off and prepping myself for the new addition to our little family.
So Chris & I threw a little get together and had our friends over for a Friendsgiving with a surprise gender revealing party this past Saturday. That's when we found out the baby's gender. Even though I was keeping my fingers crossed for a little princess but the cake said otherwise.

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I'm excited for this next chapter of our life.

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