A Day in Paradise

By Unknown - 2:08 PM

I can't tell you how good it is to be warm again!

I'd almost forgotten what it felt like to caressed by a beautiful summer's day.

To welcome the breeze and ocean waves as you snuggle down on the sand.

This morning I woke up to the warm sun's rays peek through the balcony sliding doors and brightens the darkened suite.

I nudged Chris a few times only to receive a groan in return.

I gave up, hopped out of bed and dashed to the balcony see if the ocean view is in sight.

And there it is.

I jumped in for a quick shower, slathered on lotion & face sunscreen, pulled on shorts & shirt over the bikinis, grabbed my trusty snapper and raced down to the beach.

We started our morning with a nice stroll along the oceanside.

The water is impossibly clear.
The place is practically deserted, except for these sea gulfs and a few other early birds going on their morning walk/run.

We were looking for this breakfast place recommended by this sweet lady we met on the way down.

It's a small breakfast & lunch hut runs by the locals.

We made ourselves comfortable at a table on the side looking out to the beautiful sky.

We ordered pancakes and eggs mexicano for a light breakfast.
From my seat I watched the staff chopped fresh veggies, cracked eggs, poured homemade batter & whipped up our breakfast in the open kitchen.

Soon, plates of food appeared in front of us.

These pancakes were light, fluffy & moist.

I opted out on the jam.

The mexican egg is the bomb.
I promised Chris I'd recreate this for him back home.

The eggs were delicious!
They're even better wrapped in homemade flour tortillas with freshly made refried beans.

We both ate about three mexican egg tacos each.
I'd have eaten more but I thought better not.

By the time we were done with our breakfast the place was crawling with new comers.
You could say, we were the early birds.

Having enjoyed our eggs & pancakes, we left the others to enjoy theirs.
We trekked our way back onto the sand for another walk along the beach.

We walked as far as we could - to this big rock.
We've heard you could climb over these rocks to get to the other side where Lover's Beach is.

As inexperience in rock climbing as we are, we decided just to hang out here for a little while, enjoy the view and let the waves clashed at our feet.

And we watched boats sped pass by.

Right after this photo, I saw a father & daughter walked by, sat down at the rock & pulled on their shoes. I couldn't help myself & walked over to make small talks. I learned their names & they were going to climb over these rocks. The dad goes by Don & the daughter goes by Victoria.
Me: "Are you really going to climb over THIS rock?"
Don: "Yes."
Me: "Is it safe?"
Don: "Oh yeah! I've done it every time I've visited Cabo over the last 13 years."
Me: "Do you need shoes to climb?"
Don: "No but shoes would make it easier."
Me: "Babe, let's go climbing! Wanna go?"
Chris: "Sure, if you want to."
Me: *look back at Don* "Do you mind taking us along? I promise we'll keep up."

So I gave Chris my camera & sandals to put in his backpack & we followed Don & Victoria as they scouted which part to start & started climbing.

This was by far the most exciting & spontaneous of our trip.

There was a small area between those big rocks where you can stop & play with the waves crashing into the sand.

And more climbing.

 From here we could see Divorce's Beach.
Lover's Beach is only a few feet away on the other side of that big rock.

Thirty minutes later we found ourselves at Lover's Beach.
A glorious, long stretch of sandy beach as it happens.
This is a popular spot in Cabo where you sunbath, snorkel or kayake.

We peeled off a layer of clothing & plopped down on the sand.
Then this coconut guy came, carved out a small hole on a coconut for the straw & handed it to us in exchange for $5.

And our "photo shoot" begins here.
Honestly, I'm not really good at it.
As you can tell by these photos.

On the other hand, Chris is a pro!
He got the posing down to the tee.

I couldn't be happier to spend the rest of my life with this hunk.
I look forwards to many more adventures life have in store for us.

Having enough of laying around in the sand and snapping photos of ourselves, we continued our exploration.

We walked & walked further down the beach and continued on walking.

Then we hailed a glass bottom water taxi for a ride to view the Arch.
You can only get to the Arch by water taxi, not by foot.

These gals were our companions on the ride.

Lo and behold the famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas.

Having taken in the majestic view the captain sped us back to the marina, our stop.

We paid our fee to board the marina & walked through a local market filled with different stalls.

We were on a mission searching for a bar shack recommended by Don on our hike earlier.

We almost missed it but there it is.
Hidden behind another market caddy corner to Wabo Cabo is Uno Mas bar.

Every drinks here are made with fresh fruits & filled with a generous amount of alcohol.

Even after you have sipped down half of your glass, you can still ask for more alcohol!
This is my kind of bar.
Freshest margaritas we had in Cabo.

Unfortunately, this is when my camera's battery died on me.
And I'm also leaving you here. It has been a long, pictures-filled post.
I'll pick it back up tomorrow.

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