Daruma Ramen

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I'm so sorry I've been a bit distracted this week. I've been preoccupied with work, workout (for Cabo San Lucas in two weeks) & a special project for the upcoming Valentine's Day and just haven't had the time to spend with you.

Today I finally made time to go through my December photo clusters, I stumbled across these and realized I'd totally forgotten to upload them! So better late than never, here's my Ramen at Daruma with these sweet gals: Christine, Ellie & Maddy.

You know me, I'm always eager to slurp down a good bowl of soup.
I braved the icy cold weather and met the girls in Sixth Street District.
There was nowhere else I wanted to be than nestled behind that wooden glass door, gorging on a big bowl of steaming hot ramen.

Daruma Ramen (sister restaurant of Kome) is a great petite welcoming place with a very cozy, traditional Japanese yet modern & sophisticated ambiance with small communal wooden benches.
So get up close, comfortable & personal with your neighbors.

I haven't quite figured out what this little guy symbolizes but he is everywhere in the shop, even on the bowls & napkins, but he has grown on me.

The menu offers a handful varieties of ramen made from scratch with eggless tapioca-based noodles and freshly brew whole chicken broth.

Unlike other ramen shops in town with pork-based broth, Daruma's chicken broth has fewer calorie, lower cholesterol & high in vitamins.

We got down to business & placed our orders.

(Top Right) Maddy went for the spicy clear "Chintan" style chicken broth Shio Ramen with seafood salt base, topped with shio tori chashu, ahi-tamago (half boiled egg), bok-choy (missing), wakame seaweed, goji berry, scallion & a dash of ginger oil.

(Top Left) Ellie went for the original Miso Ramen with homemade miso-tare, topped with beansprouts, chicken breast meat, aji tamago, sesame seed, shredded dried red pepper, & homemade ra-yu oil.

(Bottom Right) Christine went for the classic Shoyu Ramen with seafood flavor topped with tori chashu, boiled egg, bamboo shoot, bok-choy, scallion, naruto & anchovy oil.

And I opted for the spicy version of Miso Ramen. Same as Ellie's but kicked it up a knot or two of spiciness.

The spicy Miso Ramen was very tasty & filling with just the right amount of hotness (spice).
The broth was light yet burst with flavors.
 And the noodle was just right.

Having hungrily demolished our bowls of ramen...
Okay, maybe just me...
It was time for soft serve ice cream. 

The flavor of the day was Soy Sauce. How can you possibly say no to that?

It wasn't as bad as I thought.
It tasted like salted caramel candy.

Maddy liked the Soy Sauce soft serve the most!
She might have enjoyed it a little too much.

You can find Daruma Ramen here:
612-B E 6th St
Austin, TX 78701.

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