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Exciting new restaurants open in Austin everywhere.

Slowly but surely I'm making my visit to each and everyone of the restaurants.

Four weeks ago, I finally made my way to Takoba (originally from the El Tacorrido trailer) on the east side.

It was a chilly night and sitting outside at the most appealing tables outside under lit-up string of lights was not so enticing.

Instead, we settled at a table along the wall inside a glass-wrapped dining room nearby the bar.

The three-year-old interior Mexican cantina restaurant was pleasantly bustling & crowded.

It wasn't long before our waitress stopped by for our drink orders.
And soon chips & salsa were on the table & our drinks followed.

The menu was designed by the owner, Jose de Loera, and features authentic Mexican cuisine inspired by his family whose been in the food business in Mexico for the past 40 years.

For appetizer, we shared an order of molletes and a house salad.

These open-faced bolillos topped with refried beans, roasted poblano & monterrey jack cheese were almost pizza-like and quite filling.

For entree, Chris & I each got a place of tacos.

I went for the al pastor - pineapple marinated pork with cilantro & onion, and a cup of pinto beans.
And a cup of soup of the day.

Chris went for the slow-braised pork shoulder cooked over wood-burning fire pits.
And the house salad on the side.

The salad was refreshing with juicy orange wedge, crunchy walnuts & delightful dressing.

Quite frankly, the tacos "de carnitas estilo don alberto" Chris ordered were way better.
Chris was happy to exchange one for mine.
I was a happy camper.

The slow-braised pork shoulder was to die for.
Tender, juicy & full of flavor.
Topped with mildly spicy, creamy avocado tomatillo sauce & a fresh squeeze of lime.

Now lets get to the main star of the night.
Special soup of the day
Taste of heaven.

...I was pretty excited about it.

The soup was deliciously silky & creamy with a hint of spicy-ness...
I will have to recreate this soup in my kitchen.

For dessert, we couldn't say no to a slice of decadent chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

And we did not regret our silken-chocolatey-decision.
If you're on the East Side I seriously recommend a pitstop here.

Takoba opens everyday and it's worth booking a table if you're going with a large group.

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