Sambuca & Concrete Cowboy

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Long distance friendship is always a knotty thing to manage.

You want to keep up with each other's live without annoying one another.

You want  to have phone date or Facetime but you're never free at the same time. Texts can ping back and forth & before you know it the months have drifted by.

If you don't just say "hey you, i'm coming to see you" & get up and do it then you could risk your connection slipping into obscurity & losing the friendship altogether. It will be one of those things where you look back years from now and think "Hmm...I wonder what happened to so & so..."

And what is a little trip across town gonna hurt?

This time I booked my ticket & headed over to Dallas to spend the weekend with Jen & celebrate her birthday.

If you followed me on Instagram, you'd have seen this photo on my way to Dallas.

I got into town just in time to freshen up & get ready for dinner.

Jen & I met the other gals for dinner & drinks at Sambuca.

Sambuca is a buoyant & bustling restaurant with live band serenaded us with awesome covers.

We quickly get settled in our table with our cocktails.

This Sling Back cocktail was absolutely refreshing.
A splash of Grey Goose with St. Germaine & Champagne married well together.

We giggled, laughed & talked over candle light & live music in the background.
Angela, Tina & Sandra tried so hard to make a perfect heart.

Eventually, they settled for the good ol' smile for the camera.

After second round of drinks, we were ready for some solid substances.

We ordered just a little bit of everything to share.
Calamari fritti, Buca beignets, Niman Ranch Pork Belly, Seared Duck breasts, pizza & hummus trio.

My favorite was these beignets.

They were stuffed with mozzarella & prosciutto with jalapeños, basil & balsamic glazes.

Here's an up-close shot.

Having demolished our fair share of snacks, it was time for Jen to open the present from Sandra & Tina.

Jen absolutely adored her new cowboy boots & cream infinity scarf.

Just as she finished unwrapping her present, our waiter glided in with the birthday cake (Shhhhhh...I secretly ordered from earlier) as we serenaded Jen with the good ol' Happy Birthday song.

Birthday girl is making her wish before blowing out the candle.

After dinner we headed over to Concrete Cowboy for some dancing.

The place was buzzing & every inch of it was filled.

And more drinking...esp. for the birthday girl.

And Jen showed us how to play the bean bags game...with non-existent bean bags.

But, isn't she just adorable?!

Jen, Annie & I ended the night with a bag of goodies.
Whataburger Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits!
And harshbrown. mmmmmmh!
Perfectly greasy to absorb all the alcohol we consumed.

See you tomorrow.

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