Mama Ma's Dinner

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When I rushed out of the door mid afternoon three Saturdays ago to meet the girls at Epoch Coffee I didn't anticipated to be out until early wee hours.

It's not what you think, we didn't paint the town red.
It was even better...we stuffed our face silly and ate to our heart's content

Of course, who could say no to lobster tails?
Surely not this gal here.

Before the dinner party, we stopped by East Side Kings for small bites.

Truth be told, ESK has disappointed me time and time again.
One of the few (if not the only) items on the menu that is quite decent & tasty is beet fries.

After our short 4 - 5 hours of updating, conversing & exchanging stories it was time for Lisa to get on the road en route to Houston. 
We snapped a farewell photo until next time we all get together again.

Now, let's get back to the dinner party shall we?
Every year the Mas host a huge dinner party.
They invited 5 - 6 families, whom they've known for decades & get together to celebrate Christmas & New Year as one big family because their families are half way across the world.
During our afternoon date, Alison graciously invited Maddy & I to join the feast.
We bid Lisa goodbye & caravaned our way to the Mas' residence.
We arrived just as Mama Ma was finished whipping up the food.

How can you say no to any of these dishes?

Yes, the food taste as appetizingly delicious as it looks.
Served as buffet style.
Everyone grabbed a plate, put on as much food as possible & restrained yourself from drooling all over.

Ali was all smiling because Papa Ma insisted on getting a plate for her.
He got a start on it & gave it to his daughter but Ali wanted greens on her plate as well.

For appetizer, I started with this little thing.

With a glass of white wine or two to wash it all down.

Having finished that little plate of food, I wasn't sure how it was possible to even eat anymore.
But I just couldn't resisted.

For the entree, I piled all these on my plate.
My eyes were much bigger than my stomach.

Somehow, I managed to inhaled down all the food...
Only the briskets were left behind.
There was just no more room.

For sweets, I sampled a few of these Taiwanese snacks.

My favorite was these pineapple cake.

Not too sweet.
Not too sticky.
They are utterly delish.

And fresh cut fruits & roasted chestnuts.

Having scraped our plate cleaned, us kids entertained ourselves with a game of Jenga in the living room.

While the adults were still at their table eating, drinking & continuing with their conversations.

Us kids were having a ball with these wooden bricks.

Round after round of bricks fallen & laughters erupted as Mrs. Ma popped a bottle champagne, a favorite from her recent wine tasting trip.

And the game continued on.

Jenga came to an end when Mr. Ma announced time for a slideshow.
Everyone gathered around the living room & was anxious for the show.

Three hours & 164 photos later, I was happy the slideshow came to an end.
This was its final photo - Alison & her younger brother way back then.

After the show, families said their goodbyes & we headed upstairs to watch a movie.
I slept half way through the movie not because it was too weird for my taste but it was 3AM.

We left a few hours before the sunrise.
Maddy & I bid Alison our "see you laters" & a safe flight back to Cali.
Until next time.

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