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I seldomly rarely blog about our girls' dinner.

Not because I don't enjoy their company or because they're a secret, but I'm usually rushing out the door while fixing my hair, putting on my jacket & hopping on one leg and putting shoes on the other.
So grabbing my camera is the last thing on my mind!

However, I was prepared these last couple times, my handy little snapper was already settled in my purse so I thought I'd invite you along for dinner.

There's only Maddy, Christine & I, and we saved this spare seat for you.

Three's not  a company, so join us? The more the merrier!

Any night at Elizabeth St Cafe is always a good place to start or end the week(end).

They have a quaint, open patio seatings outside where you can enjoy a cocktail or three while you wait for your table or for everyone to arrive.

Once you made your way inside & get stuck in at your table...

Go on, nestled up next to this sweet little thing.
Maddy is a nurse, she'll take good care of you.
And she is a great listener & a wonderful friend.

For drink, I start with a glass of Red Dragon punch.

What a delightful & refreshing cocktail!
With a mixture of beet sake, orange sherry, ginger brew, muddled fresnos, falernum & lime.
Promise me you'll try it next time.

And nibble on tasty pork belly steamed buns with freshly sliced cucumber & scallions the kitchen sends out for appetizer.

You have to try it with some sriracha!

Once you've chosen from the mostly Vietnamese-French flavored menu, the waitress whisks it away & refills your drinks.

And in time the food appears on the table & taste as good as it looks.

Both Christine & Maddy went for vermicelli dish with different toppings.

I opted for the House Specialty Banh Mi & a bowl of Vietnamese wonton soup.

These are great to chat with.
But there was nothing but silent, except for the sound of slurping & chopsticks clutching together, when the food were in front of us.

The short moments of silent as we each paid our food the undivided attention didn't last long.
We were quite hungry, you see.
And the food disappeared quite quickly.
The conversation resumed but came to an end quickly.
We all have an early work day next morning.

We said see you later but not before striking a few silly photos for fun.

I hope you will join us for the next girls dinner.

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