Buenos Aires: Latin-Argentina cuisine

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Catching up with girlfriends over a good meal is a pastime no woman can deny enjoying.

However, finding time in everyone's schedule to sit down together is one hindrance; agreeing on a place for dinner is another.

So for several short weeks between November & December when Christine was in town for her externship rotation we decided to have a weekly dinner date.

The first girls dinner date at Elizabeth St Cafe was just Maddy, Christine & I.

This time around Michelle joined us at Buenos Aires Cafe on East 6th Street.

You might have seen this photo on my Instagram back in November.

Originally, we planned to meet at Casa Columbia on East 7th Street.
It's a Latin-American cuisine hole-in-a-wall kinda restaurant that I've heard nothing short of deliciousness.
But, no matter how hard I tried...I couldn't find the place, even after two or three u-turns...
The navigation surely said the destination is on the right but I saw nothing but darkness.
Finally, my phone rang & it was Christine on the other end informing the bad news...the place was closed due to a fire last week.

Disappointedly we decided we'll try it again another time & agreed to meet at Buenos Aires.
I arrived at the cafe, asked for a table & a glass of wine while waiting for the girls to arrive.
Shortly after Christine & Maddy walked through the door and Michelle arrived not long after.
I got carried away chit-chatting & sipping on the wine that I forgot about my camera.
So I apologize for lack of photos of the decor & such.

The cafe has warm lighting and upscale decor with modern art pieces hang on the wall.
And their empanadas (sorry again, no photo) are to die for.
I first had these flaky little morsels from Argentina heaven a year ago.
We shared a couple different kind of empanadas.
All were excellent!
You must try it for yourself.

For entree, Christine went for roasted free-range chicken breast with fresh herbs & spices.

Maddy went for breaded tender beef cutlets blanketed with ham, mozzarella cheese & homemade marinara sauce, baked until melt.

Michelle & I, each opted for a bowl of Gnocchi Quartet.
An exquisite medley of their homemade gnocchi.
Sweet potato-chipotle.
All tossed with roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, haricot verts (green beans) & olive oil. Finished with their speciality sauces & freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

These gnocchi came pretty close to the fluffiest, lightest, airy, smooth & melt-in-your-mouth morsels I had in Italy.
If I had anymore room I'd have eaten Michelle's bowl of gnocchi too!
I thought about it & decided against my tastebuds not to make myself sick later & finished just my bowl only.

For sweets, we shared a ginormous slice of dark chocolate cake layered with strawberry mousse & finished with chocolate ganache and a Quatro Leches.

Our favorite was the traditional Latin-American tres leches sponge cake with Buenos Aires' signature fourth distinct Argentine touch with a generous amount of sweet whipping cream & fresh strawberry.

Buenos Aires is a great little spot on the East side.

It is definitely worth a visit.

You can find them online here. 

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