Brunch in Barcelona

By Unknown - 10:23 PM

My visit to Barcelona was two short-sweet-glorious days.
Determined to make the most out of the last day, we started with Les Quinze Nits set in the lovely Plaça Reial Square off the Ramblas.
Care to join us for a lovely stroll before brunch?

Remember this place?

Lucky for us, we arrived & seated before the queue started.
You must be hungry after that walk, have a few bites with us?
I know you want to...Go on, get stuck in with us under this glorious morning sunshine.

Let me pour you a glass of this refreshing Sangria.

Tapas are variety of appetizers in Spanish cuisines. 
Abundance of snacks with just the right portions are a perfect brunch in my book.

Let's start with fresh greens & veggies.
With a little drizzles of olive oil & vinaigrette, of course.

And followed with some fried deliciousness.

We weren't the only hungry ones waiting for our tapas to arrive.
Say hello to our nice-looking-chap neighbor.

Having inhaled everything in & drunk the wine, an impromptu walk was much needed.

Let's stop here for now.
I promise I will share with you the details of our last day in Barcelona in the next blog post.

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