Midnight in Paris

By Unknown - 12:00 AM

When I left you we were just having our kiss & saying goodbye to the famous love locks bridge after a full day meandering in Paris.

We spent the rest of our gloriously vivacious day walking along the Seine River before heading back to the hotel to shower & get ready for dinner at Les Ombres.

Well, let me clarify...several weeks before our trip Chris attempted multiple times to make a reservation via phone (online reservation is not available) at Le Chateaubriand but was unsuccessful due to time different & language barrier - we decided not to worry about dinner reservation & just play it by ear when we get there. When you are in Paris, there are many things you must do & see and one of them is the Eiffel Tower. However, I was determined to only see it at night so Chris searched online for restaurants with the best view & came up with a handful of names. He asked the concierge to help us make the reservation...after many phone calls we still had no reservation because the restaurant was fully booked or closed. Anyway, we didn't give up - Chris thought we should just show up see if they take walk-in & if not, we would ask the hostess for recommendations...I was thrilled. Why not? The idea promises nothing short of an amazing adventure...after all it is Paris that we're talking about.

So we showered, took a nap & woke up a bit late but well rested, hungry & ready to roam. After a short ride, we arrived at Les Ombres...only to find out the kitchen has closed but the hostess kindly recommended La Maison Blanche & led us out to the balcony to enjoy the gorgeous view of the Eiffel Tower.

I think there is no need for explanation why I was so adamant about wanting to only view the tower at night. As many photos as I took of the same tower, they still can't truly capture how extraordinary, flawless & magnificent this city of love & city of light really is.

Having soaked up the breathtaking view of Paris (it was hard to pulled ourselves away but we were hungry & it was almost 11PM) we made our way to the other restaurant before their kitchen closed too.

Maison Blanche locates on 15 Avenue Montaigne was only a hop, skip & jump away...in the rain. I wish I could have captured that moment - walking in the rain under an umbrella with my best friend IN PARIS - to share with you. It was priceless.

With only an elevator ride up we made it to the restaurant just in time. Literally, we walked in right when the kitchen was about to close but the hostess made a quick phone call to the chef & seated us only if we promised to order within 5 minutes which we were happy to oblige.

Oh boy, where do I even begin? Everything & everything were mouthwateringly delicious! Allow me to show you.

I don't recall the name of this dish but it was the best cauliflower puree & salmon I have ever had. Luckily, we each had our own small bite, otherwise we probably would have haggle each other over it because neither one of us wanted to share this tiny deliciousness.

For the appetizer, we shared the marinated slices of duck, shavings of foie grass with grilled hazelnut & Camargue salt.
 I never thought I would enjoy slices of duck & shavings of foie gras this much...it was delightful & savory.

For entree, Chris went for the Scorpion fish with pressed confit tomato, zucchini & bufflonne ricotta.

And I opted for the deboned saddle of Lamb from Bellac with barberry & carrots crumble.

Both entrees were appetizing, perfectly cooked & full of flavors with each bite. But my favorite was our dessert.

 The delicious chocolate cake with gianduja almond yuzu & white chocolate ice cream. It was oozing with finger-licking goodness. Just take a look at it.

Oh yes, Chris & I devoured it. It was gone in a blink of an eye.

But our pudding didn't end there, the waiter brought out two shot glasses of apple liqueur topped with tasty cream. Along with a plate of miniature chocolates, cookies & petite French butter cake. I don't know what cream it was or how they made it but oh boy, it tasted amazing with the liqueur. They were lip-smackingly good!

Due to the rain, we weren't able to sit at the rooftop to enjoy our dinner with a view - which really wasn't as impressive as Les Ombres' view to be honest. The rain ceased by the end of dinner so the waiter led us out to the balcony which I was surprised to find the view to be quite stunning (compared to the rooftop).  And I was happy to get another look at the city of light before saying goodbye.

Our last night in Paris was very romantic & spectacular to say the least. Despite all these photographs I posted here I still can't fully explain or show you how astonishingly magical it was.

If you in Paris make sure to pencil in Maison Blanche & you can make reservation here.
It won't disappoint, I promise.

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