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Oh, hello. I'm Fifi.

When Vy asked if I wanted to do a guest blog on The Tasteful, I quickly and happily agreed.  I admire Vy's blogging prowess and her posts are always delicious, cheerful, and fun. Much like Vy herself (that’s right, delicious).

I have a blog of my own, but it isn't food focused.  Despite this, I knew I had the perfect subject for an entry for The Tasteful--The Pass.

The Pass & Provisions is a two-in-one restaurant in Houston from chefs Terrence Gallivan and Seth Siegel-Gardner.  The PASS restaurant offers a prix fixe 5- or 8-course while Provisions offers more casual options that you order from the menu.  I had eaten at Provisions last year, but had yet to try The Pass.  The Pass has recently gotten some great accolades, so it was the perfect time to finally have a taste.  The boyfriend and I accompanied Issa from We Wear Things (another blog that I contribute to.  BLOGS FOR EVERYONE.) and her husband for dinner there to celebrate his belated birthday.

Since I am predominantly a style blogger I thought I’d include some photos of what I wore that night.  A basic black jersey dress with a not-so-basic slit and asymmetrical hem.

I wanted to highlight my “headgear” (i.e. piercings), so up went the hair into a topknot.  I thought the simplicity of the dress would be a good way to also highlight the heels.  Heels I may or may not have snuck away from hosting a July 4 party to purchase...HAHAHAH sad.

Onward to the eatings though!  I won't wax poetic about the food, but rather let the photos speak for themselves.  I will say that service was impeccable, the decor beautiful, ambiance friendly and not fussy, and the food was playful and delicious.  Overall, The Pass is worth a visit for the culinary experience, and the buzz is not at all without grounds.  I will suggest that unless you enjoy your brown liquor and beer, get the wine pairing instead of the beverage pairing that they offer.  Now, enjoy:

Cereal: White Gazpacho

Breakfast: English Muffin/Salon Bagel/Oyster/Chicken and Waffles

Preparing the bouillabaisse for the... 

Chemex: Gjetost Caramele/Favas/Ras el Hanout

A closer look at the "Gjetost Caramale" which was named like so because they look like caramel candies in their wrappers.  May have been my favorite bite of the night actually!

The famous Ham & Eggs: Cracklin'/Caviar Service

A closer look at the caviar.  The flash of the camera made the eggs look...crazy.  The clusters...

Scallop Chorizo: Pimento/Mussel-Parsley Soup

Rabbit: Carrot Crepinette/Pea/Huckleberries

A mid-course refresher: house made rootbeer and celery sherbet

Beet & Chocolate: Beet Cake/Chai-Frozen Goat Yogurt

Cheese: Kolache (!) Oh, how I love me a kolache.

Petit Fours

The chefs humoring myself and Issa.  

Thanks for having me on The Tasteful Vy, and thank you all for reading!

Outfit Details. Dress: Urban Outfitters (similar). Heels: Oscar de la Renta

You can find me on my fifiphi  | instagram | wewearthings

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