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By Unknown - 1:26 PM

Austin, I heart you!
I really love me some Saturday morning farmers market downtown at Republic Square Park.
Austin Farmers' Market is chock-full of freshest-produce tents & nick-nack booths.
The perfect spot for beautiful, sunny morning adventure & wanderings.

This place is a ball of excitement in itself for us food junkie's out there & it takes the edginess off some of the high-rises & buildings in downtown.

And the most fun you will have shopping for produce & eating local treats in downtown Austin.
There's quite a variety of wares on offer.
 From organic veggies, fruits & drinks to pickles, salsa & preserves to freshly butchered meat to hot fluffy popcorn made right in front of you.

I found my favorite AFM stand...
Flour Bakery.
They bake the best breads in town, hands down.

Hippie, Peasant, Walnut, Sourdough, Multi-grain...just to name a few.
Crusty outside, airy, soft & chewy inside - the perfect canvas for pairing with just about anything!
If you haven't tried, give 'em a whirl.
And they sell out pretty fast so come a little early.

They also offer small, delicious pastries & smart tarts.

Fancy some of their breads & pastries?
Visit their website or find them here:
1) Farmers' Market - Downtown location: 4th & Guadalupe - every Saturday 9AM - 1PM
2) HOPE Farmers Market - East Austin: 5th & Comal - every Sunday 11AM - 3PM

Everything about this place reminds me why I love living in Austin - grass, trees, recycling, live music, bicycles, toddlers & picnicking families - the list goes on and on.
But what makes this the best farmers market in town is the sights & sounds of happy folks & families and happy dogs who come here. They represent the Austin ambiance that attracted everyone here.

I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday late morning.
Enjoying the warm & fuzzy feelings that come with shopping & buying & supporting your community.
I ought to do it more often.
If you're free Saturday morning, come spend it here & support your local growers & businesses.
You'll find them here every Saturday 9AM - 1PM:
4th & Guadalupe
Republic Square Park
Austin, TX 78701

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