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As the last drops of summer are slowly trickling away, the kids are going back to school on Monday, freshmen are getting excited yet anxious & nervous and the rest of us are bracing ourselves for another long, hot winter (that's another story). I can't help but reminisce back to my college days. I remember being told "College is the best time of your life!" the kind of thing that a prospective college student is told multiple times by everyone that has gone through the college experience. It is supposed to be a nice, heartwarming statement and is used as easy filler, but it is also full of pressure. At the time college seemed to be this mythical place to me and it seemed like a little much to ask from a freshman that not only you should enjoy college and get the most out of it, but that it should actually be the best time of your life. Looking back now, college definitely was one of the best times of my life...the memories, friends, education & experiences I gained from the University of Texas at Austin were priceless. Hook 'em horns, baby!

A couple Saturday nights ago, Chris took me out for dinner.
Unlike any other, this dinner took place on UT campus.
It was my first time visiting & dining at the University of Texas Club.
Oh my! It is grand, full of history & tastefully decorated.
Let me show you.
The club is part of the football stadium -- Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium is its official name.

Entering the club, you can soak up UT history including Bevo.

A quick elevator ride up to the 7th floor and you are at the dining level.

We got nestled at our table and ordered our drinks.
Why get a glass when you can have a bottle?

As we were perusing the menu, we were nibbling on the tasty bread & butter.

To start we had tempura crab stuffed avocado & pecan crusted oysters.

We couldn't get enough of the batter fried avocado filled with spicy crab salad with siracha aioli & micro greens. I will have to try to recreate this recipe at home!
The pecan crusted oysters with jalapeno basil aioli were delicious!
Perfectly crunchy & flavorful. I could have eaten plates of them, but saved myself.

For the main course, Chris went for the grilled ribeye with stacked potatoes, roasted tomato & grilled asparagus.

I opted for the pecan crusted rack of lamb with oven roasted risotto cakes, grilled asparagus & mint pesto.

Both entrees were excellence choices!
Perfectly cooked to medium-rare.
The oven roasted risotto cakes were oh so good! I've never had anything like it before.

The obligatory dinner photo of us.

Having our fill of meat & wine, I ordered a cappuccino to sip on  & clean my palate for sweets.

For sweets, the staff wheeled over the dessert cart filled with variety of fresh, delicious chocolate, Italian cream & carrot cakes served right from the cart.

I went for the creme brûlée cheesecake.
I died & went to heaven!
Note to self: search for recipe.

Chris opted for a slice of chocolate cake, of course.

 After dinner we ventured further into the main campus to the UT tower for a short & sweet visit.

Standing there on my old stomping ground in front of the well-lit tower facing Austin's Capitol under a beautiful night sky, a wave of nostalgia washed over me.

And we weren't the only one...

If you haven't visited your Alma Mater, give it a go.

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