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Back in June Craig have told us about Mettle, the new restaurant from Bridget Dunlap.
Dunlap aka "Austin's Rainey Street Queen" transformed a sleepy and lifeless neighborhood into one of Austin's most popular night-life districts. With her daring creativity and pioneer vision -- along with [Olivia's - another one of my favorites - veteran chef] Andrew Francisco in the kitchen -- she opened the East Side Bistro.

Mettle boasted a tempting menu of appetizers from the on-site garden, beef tongue tacos, a grill cheese sandwich with crispy green tomato, a pork belly quesadilla, and a list of appealing cocktails.
If that isn't enough to grab your attention, I don't know what would.
I was sold!
It's been a long month, but they have finally opened their doors.
So this weekend two little hungry hippos went to East Austin.
Chris & I headed over for a somewhat eccentric lunch date (Sorry Jo's - we'll visit you again soon).

I was enamored of Mettle's medley of  bright, vibrant, and unique ambiance, highlighted by the art pieces of local artists.

I love love love the ginormous glass window - wrapping around the front dining - letting in warm, natural sunshine. 

Forget the wine & beer list.
We were ready for some fruity cocktails to cool ourselves from Texas heat.
CP got the mexican 86.
I went for the tri-berry 75.
The cocktails were amazingly refreshing and inventive. 
(I was a bit disappointed with its serving size. More please.)

Mexican 86 - gran centenario reposado, grapefruit, rose champagne.

Tri berry 75 - three berry infused tanqueray, lemon, lambrusco.

Their homemade brioche and butter with sea salt shredded chocolate were oh-so-good.
The bread was tender, puffy and unimaginably comforting to eat -- almost cake-like. Bottom line is I could eat a whole loaf of it...with the sea salt butter, of course.

Having sipped half of our drinks and tasted our bread&butter, we decided it was time to order some food.
For the starter we went for the Crab Soup with homemade gnocchi, ham from a local butcher shop Salt & Time (where CP purchased the 4th of July specials), and citrus.

Aside from its beautiful presentation, the crab soup is to die for. The texture and taste of crab meat with gnocchi and ham were perfect!

Next up is the pork belly quesadilla with fresh pineapple, red onion and cilantro salad and a side of chipotle creme fraiche and tomatillo sauce.

pork belly in a quesadilla?
yes. and it works!
Just look at it. How can you resist?!

Last but not least, the beef tongue tacos with homemade tortillas, escabeche, onion, Cotija cheese, creme fraiche, and salsa verde.

The tortillas tasted almost crepe-like.
Definitely one of my favorite housemade tortillas.
Now on the other hand, the beef tongue - I don't know how I feel about it.
It tasted just like beef but the texture was a little more chewy.
Not my favorite but I don't mind it either.

I'm definitely coming back to try other items on the menu. As well as their brunch and dinner.
Check them out if you're in the area.
Mettle - 507 Calles Street - Austin TX 78702 - 512.236.1022

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