Cedar-Plank Grilled Salmon

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Copper River salmon is among the finest, richest & tastiest fish in the world.
They originate in the pristine water of Copper River (hence its name) in the state of Alaska.
The river challenges salmon with its 300 miles length and its strong, wild rushing & chill rapids...which makes Copper River salmon strong, robust creatures with a healthy store of natural oils and body fat. Studies have shown that fish oil can help combat many ailments such as psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, breast cancer and migraines.
Aside from its health benefits, the meat is rich, firm, exquisitely flavorful and absolutely delicious.
Just look at its beautiful, bright red color!

Now you don't have to pay a high $$ in restaurants across the nation for these robust fish, you can whip 'em up in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the price.
Whether you are a health nut, a vegetarian, a Pescetarian, an amateur cook, or someone simply too busy to spend a lot of time messing around in the kitchen...I have just what you're looking for!
This Cedar-Plank Grilled Salmon packs the perfect combination of flavors & proteins, tasty & healthy, and effortlessly easy.
It is the ultimate "swimsuit season" dish.
It's light, delicious, packed full of nutrients, loaded with Omega-3 fats, and very simple to whip up.
I have mine accompanied with roasted sweet potatoes, a side of Greek salad minus feta cheese for the one night and a side of balsamic greens for the next night, but you could serve with asparagus or anything you can put your hands on.

To make two or four servings you'll need:
Copper River Salmon (or any salmon from your local market)
Cedar Plank
Dash of salt & pepper
Sprinkle of paprika + cayenne pepper + garlic powder
Dijon mustard
Brown sugar
Juice & slices of fresh lemon

Soak your Cedar plank in water with a dash of salt ahead of time*.
*Recommended 2 hours but 30 mins to an hour will do if you don't have time or remembered at the last minute.
Cooking with wood such as Cedar gives the food an intense flavor and the oil released from Cedar keeps it moist at the same time. All the while creates perfect low-fat meals because you don't need to add any butter or oil. And you don't even have to turn over your food because the plank charcoalizes and cooks from the bottom!
You can find these planks at your local market. If you can't get your hands on one just skip it altogether. Promise me you will try it.

Preheat oven 450°F
Run your salmon steaks under cold water & dab dry with paper towels.
Season with salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper & garlic powder.

Place salmon steaks skin side down on soaked, wet Cedar plank.
Spread a layer of Dijon mustard on top & add on crumbled brown sugar.
Squeeze fresh lemon juice all over and place a few slices of lemon on top. (Sorry I forgot to snap a photo.)

Place it in the oven on the center rack & bake for 20 mins more or less.
By the time you get it out, the smokey, sweet wood aroma will have filled your kitchen and the salmon steaks should look something like this.

or if you didn't forget to add the lemon slices they should look something like this:

Here's the roasted potatoes recipe, the perfect, healthy side dish to any meal.
Red or Sweet potatoes - cubed or quartered
Olive Oil
Fresh or dry Rosemary
Sea salt
Toss everything together and bake at 450°F for 20 - 25 minutes til tender.

I had it for two nights in a row because they were that good and deliciously easy to make!
What are you waiting for? Go to your market, fetch some salmon & cedar planks and get cooking!

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