Argus Cidery

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Argus Cidery is the state's first hard cidery -- uses only Texas-grown dessert apples.
Instead of being on the busy highway, it is located along a quiet, winding road on the edge of the Hill Country. The 1600 square foot barn doubled as Argus Cidery's tasting room has the rustic sophistication feel with the vintage charm. It holds just a handful of long tables with ambitious dining options on the horizon.

Jules is one of the co-owners of Argus Cider, who also explained to us about its history and concepts. His customer service was superb -- very passionate and attentive. When asked about cider pairing, Jules boasted about palate cleansing properties of cider, esp. in the carbonation and low acidity -- it pairs well with anything from a light summer salad with fresh herbs to a heavy braised dish.

The tasting menu is $10/person which includes 2 types of sparking cider + 3 types of still cider.
As you can see from the photos, each pour is quite generous.
Their sparkling cider Lady Goldsmith was my favorite.
The Lady Goldsmith is made from 25% Pink Lady, 30% Golden Delicious, 25%Granny Smith and Jonagold apples -- a heavier golden cider that sticks on the palate. As described by Jules, it is their "richest cider yet with full body and a deep golden hue; it has bouquet of stone fruit and a spice with a bready finish."

You can skip the tasting and order yourself a bottle if it tickles your fancy.
Our friends certainly did.
Hey, if you know what you want go for it!

Make a pit stop here before or after your trip to Stanley's Framhouse Pizza.

Argus Cidery is open on Saturdays noon - 4pm.
12345 Paul's Valley Rd. Suite 2
Austin, TX 78747

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