Farmhouse Pizza + Microbrewery + Cidery

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Our friends kindly invited us along for a road trip to the back roads of Austin, promised delicious handmade-farmhouse-pizza and cerveza. Surely, we could not pass up an adventure and good food!  However, we did not anticipate the 108°F weather. It was brutally hot and humid, but so worth it...yes, every drop of sweat!

Surprisingly, it didn't take us long to get to where Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza is located in the hill country.
Their business hour is weekends only! Saturdays noon til 4PM and Sundays noon til 3PM.
We walked up to this old barn looking building with the walls opened up and a big stone bar facing a wood oven. You can see the making of your pizza right in front of you, from preparing of the dough, toppings getting put on to throwing it into the ginormous stone oven. When a pizza comes out you can see into the oven and actually see the pizza as it's cooking. It's such a perfect setting in an open air barn next to a picturesque Hill Country field. There's plenty of seating under trees or in the barn. Typically, they have live music serenading the crowd, but we weren't lucky enough to experience it this time around. It's totally worth making a trip out here despite the heat wave and no band to serenade us with live music.

The pizza was phenomenal! Definitely made it to the top of my list.
Wood-fired, perfectly charred, and thin crust -- just the way I like it.
Topped with high-quality toppings and excellent cheese -- all from local ingredients.

Lana: Fresh Mozzarella + Cherry Tomatoes + Fresh Basil + Extra-Virgin Olive Oil 

Tina: mix of fresh Mozzarella + Fontina, finished with Parmigiano Reggiano + Fresh Basil

Ferdinand: Italian Sauage + Fresh Mozzarella + Mushrooms + Caramelized Onions + Calabrese Chili Oil

Fresh Mozzarella Tomatoes Salad
I highly recommend this farmhouse pizza!
Pencil it onto your to do list.
Make a weekend trip out here. It is totally worth it!

Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza 
13187 Fitzhugh Road, Austin, TX 78736

Of course, you  can't have pizza without cold cervezas!
Many of their beers are from next door (literally!) at Jester King Brewery
After we got done stuffing our face, we walked over to check out the brewery.

Employees only -- the door was open so I snapped a shot.

Jester King is one of the microbreweries in Austin. It has raving reviews about their handcrafted beers.
You can do the tasting menu on site and/or make purchase to go with their personalized labeled bottles.
I've never been a beer person -- just not my cup of tea-- so I can't personally tell you if their beers are good. The group seems to like it but not sure if they absolutely love it. In particular, the boyfriend (CP) is not so fond of their beers; it was sour and "funky" for his taste - esp. the Ol' Oi.

We weren't the only ones that wouldn't let the triple digits weather stop us from continue on our adventure.
More and more people were showing up as we were leaving.

By now we are drenched in sweats but we can't not stop by Argus Cidery down the road.
It wouldn't be fair if we just went on home. After all it was a road trip adventure kinda day.
It was nice to be in the car with AC blasting as we drove to our last destination.

Argust Cidery - to be continued...

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